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You can request data for up to 25 locations for free from our database built from thousands of ground sites with quality control.

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Monthly graphical solar atlas of the U.S.

As a public service, we have redone our solar atlas project and made the monthly images available for the years of 2005 through 2019.


How does ground data compare to satellite data?

There are uses for both, depending on your location and data needs. Check out technical papers on this subject and our informative videos.

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Where does our solar radiation data come from?

We obtain data from thousands of professionally maintained US sites that belong to universities, government agencies and other groups.

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About Us

We're a small company and family business focused on mechanical engineering, software development, and implementation of emerging technologies. Our main website is, which is an agricultural engineering site that further explains our capabilities.

We believe that there is a place for both ground-based measurements and satellite solar radiation datasets, and that the two can complement each other. In the past, this was often done using scientific-quality instrumentation.

Since there are a very limited number of the scientific-quality sites available, we have applied artificial intelligence and statistical techniques to data gathered from thousands of medium-quality sites from 2005-present. Comparing GHI observations and time histories from as many nearby sites as possible allows us to determine how well an individual station is performing.

For white papers, informative videos and more please visit our About page.

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